Sunday, 31 October 2010

I is for....

International Superstar Soccer 3


Unfortunately I honestly cannot say anything good about this game which is a real shame as I like many others am a huge fan of the original ISS games.

I have so many criticisms of ISS3 it’s unbelievable; I sadly didn’t like one single thing about it. The controls felt awful, the opposition team got away with everything and anything whilst a slight knock from your player and it’s a yellow or red card. You pass a ball forward to your strikers and their defence is all over it, they pass a ball to their strikers and your defence is nowhere to be seen. Most of the time it feels like the opposition team has about fifteen players on the pitch the amount of space that they seem to cover.

It really is disappointing to not like this game as the SNES versions of ISS were great fun and excellent for a laugh but unfortunately there is nothing fun at all about this version and i’m not surprised that Konami decided to concentrate on the Pro Evolution series.

Within the 15 minutes: Had played one 15 minute match.

Will I play it again? Nope. I own far superior football games.

Iron Aces


I’ll start by saying straight away that flight simulation games are probably my least favourite genre when it comes to video games but I was prepared to give Iron Aces the benefit of the doubt and sadly it did little to change my mind.

The main thing that really lets this down is the awful controls. Now I don’t know anything about flying a plane/jet but I imagine that if you slightly moved the controls to move to the left or right you wouldn’t end up going upside down which is what happens in this game. It makes it very difficult to hunt down enemies when even the slightest touch to move means you roll all the way over instead of just moving where you want to be.

All in all with a first mission that just requires you to move east (seriously, what kind of mission is that) and controls that are horrendous to use sadly Iron Aces is not a game that I want to go back and play again.

Within the 15 minutes: On the second mission.

Will I play it again? No. Controls are just too annoying.


  1. I'm surprised Konami stuck with the ISS series as long as they did, the SNES games were awesome, but ISS 2 was an absolute pile of old jobs, and from the sounds of things they did little to improve the game for its sequel.

    I quite like flight sims when they are done properly, ie. on a PC with a Joystick and lots of keys to assign all the commands to. Simple dogfighting games like Flying Corps, TIE Fighter and Red Baron 3D work brilliantly this way (I have no time for realistic flight sims), but the necessary dumbing down that takes place to squeeze them onto a console seems to cull the heart of the experience. Even contemporary games like Hawx 2 are missing something.

  2. I have ISS2 as well, looks like I won't be bothering with that one either.

    The SNES versions were great. I remember beating a mate 27-0 on Deluxe, he was not best pleased I can tell you.

    I've never played any of the flight sims that you've mentioned but I'm always open to new games so might give them a shot at some point.

  3. I've not played either of these! :P I always wanted to get into footy games and I even bought an ISS game (N64 version) but I still couldn't get into it :(

    @Marc - Why are you surprised Konami stuck with the series for so long? EA has stuck with FIFA and they all suck ass! :P

  4. @RKS I bought FIFA 10 (it was only a fiver!) and it doesn't 'suck ass'. It's not brilliant overall, but the Be A Pro mode has won me over. I'm a sucker for those RPG elements!

  5. Every FIFA game sucks ass, it's impossible that EA would ever be anything other than evil ass-suckers :|

  6. Yes, you're right I suppose. Half a season in and I've lost interest already. :( Maybe the online mode will reinvigorate.

  7. I own Fifa 09 and Pro Evo 6 and only ever play Fifa when I have mates around. For solo play I much prefer Pro Evo.