Friday, 13 May 2011

What I've finished - April 2011

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent - GameCube
Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap - GBA
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Wii

Only the one GameCube game this month and a poor one at that. I do actually like the Bond games on the Cube but Rogue Agent was terrible, very long and very repetitive. Followers of my blog will already know about my love of the Zelda franchise and after writing a post about Minish Cap I had to play it again and Twilight Princess after an eleven month break finally got finished and whilst not as strong as some of the earlier games is still a worthwhile addition to the series.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wii time

So today on the Retro Gamer forum in the Wii Collecting Thread people started listing the amount of time that they have spent playing Wii games according to the records collected and stored on the console.

Of course I had to have a look at mine and I was rather surprised by what I saw. What I saw was this (correct on 11/05/2011):

Guitar Hero III - 88 hours 16 minutes
Twilight Princess - 56 hours 59 minutes
Guitar Hero World Tour: 33 hours 47 minutes
Metroid: Other M - 30 hours 37 minutes
Guitar Hero: Metallica - 27 hours 15 minutes
Super Smash Bros. Brawl - 25 hours 25 minutes
Mario Kart Wii - 24 hours 38 minutes
Red Steel - 22 hours 54 minutes
de Blob - 20 hours 5 minutes
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom - 19 hours 34 minutes
No More Heroes - 19 hours 11 minutes
Super Paper Mario - 16 hours 15 minutes
Metroid Prime 3 15 hours 15 minutes
New Super Mario Bros. - 11 hours 34 minutes
Wii Play - 10 hours 25 minutes
House of the Dead: Overkill - 8 hours 29 minutes
Zack and Wiki - 7 hours 21 minutes
Raving Rabbids TV Party - 6 hours 15 minutes
Wii Sports - 4 hours 56 minutes
Boom Blox: Bash Party - 4 hours 25 minutes
Madworld - 2 hours 29 minutes
Sega Superstars Tennis - 2 hours 24 minutes
Super Mario All Stars - 2 hours 16 minutes
Okami - 1 hour 54 minutes
Punch-Out - 46 minutes
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - 36 minutes
Sonic and the Secret Rings - 34 minutes
Mario Party 8 - 18 minutes
Link's Crossbow Training - 3 minutes

Nearly 90 hours on Guitar Hero III. Now this pretty much was the first game that I ever got for the Wii (I picked it up along with the console, Mario Kart, Sega Superstar Tennis and Wii Play), so it would have a few hours racked up on it and the girlfriend also plays on it but I was still very surprised to see the amount of hours racked up on the game.

Twilight Princess is probably the only one I'm not surprised at as it is/was a very long game and I knew that I had put the hours in but the rest, well all I can think is that I must leave the console on quite a lot when I should be turning it off as there is no way on this earth that I played Red Steel for over 22 hours and still never completed it.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Carboot bargain

So, Saturday gone I was nearing the end of wondering round my local car boot, yet again wondering where all of the retro games had gone, when as I passed one seller I notice under his table a box with the words Commodore Amiga 500 written across it.

Ooooooh, I think, a boxed Commodore Amiga 500, wonder how much he wants for that. Now I've been wanting one of these for years, ever since a friend of mine growing up had one and I thought that this was going to be out of my price range. So I stop for a few minutes to have a think and eventually I dare to head over to ask how much he's wanting for it thinking that he's probably going to ask for a fair bit. So I ask and he tells me that he's looking for £12 for it, I be cheeky and ask if he'll take a tenner and he answers yes as he just wants rid of it.

I pick up the machine and behind it is two boxes of games which the seller tells me is included in the price, sweet. So for £10 I walked away with the following boxes:

I then had to go out on Saturday so didn't actually get to test the machine until the next day and very happily I can report that it worked perfectly fine. After testing it I unpacked everything that was in the two boxes of games to find the following:

Everything is in great condition and all the ones I looked through contained the disks and the instructions and Street Fighter II worked fine, though it took some getting used to after only playing it on consoles all these years. I also gave Captain Planet a whirl just because it was Captain Planet (it wasn't that great a game).

So all in all I am now one very happy chappy, very pleased to finally pick up something I've been wanting for years and especially as it looks like I picked up a very good bargain and it certainly makes up for the last three/four weeks of wandering round the same car boot and picking up absolutely nothing in the way of retro gaming.