Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Carboot bargain

So, Saturday gone I was nearing the end of wondering round my local car boot, yet again wondering where all of the retro games had gone, when as I passed one seller I notice under his table a box with the words Commodore Amiga 500 written across it.

Ooooooh, I think, a boxed Commodore Amiga 500, wonder how much he wants for that. Now I've been wanting one of these for years, ever since a friend of mine growing up had one and I thought that this was going to be out of my price range. So I stop for a few minutes to have a think and eventually I dare to head over to ask how much he's wanting for it thinking that he's probably going to ask for a fair bit. So I ask and he tells me that he's looking for £12 for it, I be cheeky and ask if he'll take a tenner and he answers yes as he just wants rid of it.

I pick up the machine and behind it is two boxes of games which the seller tells me is included in the price, sweet. So for £10 I walked away with the following boxes:

I then had to go out on Saturday so didn't actually get to test the machine until the next day and very happily I can report that it worked perfectly fine. After testing it I unpacked everything that was in the two boxes of games to find the following:

Everything is in great condition and all the ones I looked through contained the disks and the instructions and Street Fighter II worked fine, though it took some getting used to after only playing it on consoles all these years. I also gave Captain Planet a whirl just because it was Captain Planet (it wasn't that great a game).

So all in all I am now one very happy chappy, very pleased to finally pick up something I've been wanting for years and especially as it looks like I picked up a very good bargain and it certainly makes up for the last three/four weeks of wandering round the same car boot and picking up absolutely nothing in the way of retro gaming.


  1. Holy! Dude, SUPER AWESOME haul you got there!

  2. I know, five days later and I'm still really pleased about picking it all up.

    I honestly thought that the seller was going to say a ridiculous price and when he said £10 I just could not resist.

  3. I left a comment here but looks like it was deleted when the site was having problems.

    I just said something along the lines of how pleased I still was about getting it so cheap and how I thought that the seller would ask for a lot more.