Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Completed games - January 2012

Well It's February already which means the first month of the year has gone and with it some completed games.

As mentioned in a previous post I completed 22 games that I had never completed before in 2011 and this I hope to beat that number and I managed a good start with three games done and dusted in January.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - DS
Goldeneye - Wii
Mario Kart - DS

I was a bit disappointed with Castlevania which was a shame as I enjoyed Order of Ecclesia so much but I just didn't enjoy DOS as much. It was released before OOE and is still a good game with some great bosses but between the two I would definitely recommend OOE.

Goldeneye Wii was another game that I found to be disappointing and not because I was comparing it to the N64 game but mainly due to comparing it to the film. I can understand them updating it to the present day and parts of it work but overall bar three or four sections it's just not Goldeneye as we know it.

Finally Mario Kart DS was a game that at first I couldn't get into for some reason but once I did I ended up really enjoying it and ended up completing and unlocking everything including the playable character R.O.B which was a nice blast to the past.

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