Thursday, 28 June 2012

After nineteen years...

It's mine, all mine the precious.
... I finally own Super Play Gold.

For those in the know regarding Super Play you'll know that this particular issue doesn't come up for sale all that often. For those not in the know, Super Play is/was a magazine that launched in 1992 to cover the Super Nintendo. Not only did it cover the UK scene it also covered imports from the US and Japan alongside covering Manga/Anime, which at the time was a big deal as it didn't tend to get much coverage in the UK.

There were 47 issues released (48 including the Gold issue) over a four year period but with the decline of the SNES and the imminent release of the N64 Super Play closed it doors. I still own all 47 issues and I'm really pleased to finally own the 48th issue and am happy to add it to the collection.


  1. Nice one :) I remember you saying a long while back that it was really hard to find this issue and it looks like you've managed to snag a copy in nice condition. Wouldn't mind getting a few Super Play mags myself but space is currently at a premium :(

  2. Yeah, it doesn't come up that often and when it does it doesn't sell for that cheap. Really pleased to have finally picked it up.

    When you get some space you really should pick them up, still a great read after all of these years.