Sunday, 3 March 2013

Completed Games February 2013

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - 360
Mirror's Edge - 360
Stranglehold - 360
The Conduit 2 - Wii

A whopping four games completed in February and a good haul overall.

I think that the X-Men Legends games are great so had high hopes for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, sadly I was a little disappointed with it. For some reason I just didn't find it to be as fun as the Legends games and there were little niggly things that were changed like in Legends you can store health and energy tablets where as in MUA you couldn't. It's still worth a play, just for me not as good as it could have been.

Mirror's Edge however I absolutely loved. Found it to be a fantastic game and one that I picked up on a whim as it was cheap in a sale. Really glad that I did as the game play is great, the graphics lovely and has a wonderful closing credits.

Stranglehold was another picked up on a whim for cheap and for me it's one of those games that is fun while it lasts but not one to rush back to again, if ever. The whole slow-mo bullet time was fun but overall it's quite a repetitive game, but a quite fun game.

Finally, The Conduit 2 was a game that I really wanted to play after enjoying the first one. The sequel is just as enjoyable and just as difficult in places and includes a nice nod to corridors in games looking the same, sadly the ending is terrible though it does set-up a third game which may never happen.

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