Monday, 17 June 2013

For today's post I'm going to give a shout out to katiewhiteart who has been producing some excellent retro gaming goodies.

Katie certainly knows her mushrooms.
For the past couple of years Katie has been producing cards and necklaces but now, after hitting the event circuit, she has turned her hand to producing cards and jewellery in from the haven of classics old. Classics including the likes of Mario, Zelda and Mega Man.

Exclusive work for the NERG event

Currently the cards feature the likes of the NES pad, floppy discs, the mushrooms pictured above and life hearts (though luckily they don't beep when down to half a heart). Alongside these cards are others featuring Mana and HP potions which also feature on jewellery as well as a pixel sword brooch.

Katie will be at NERG (North East Retro Gaming event which you may have heard about) and will be producing exclusive content for the event including the rather cute Mega Man pictured as well as a picture of Link in the same style.

You can and should check out (which is currently under construction) for examples and make sure to like the Facebook page (Pai-thagoras) for news and new offerings.

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