Sunday, 22 August 2010

C is for....

Cel Damage


Imagine if someone decided to take the battle mode from Mario Kart, change the characters, stages and weapons into a goth/emo style and cel-shade the graphics and you would end up with this game entitled Cel Damage.

Going for the character of Violet (though Dominique Trix was tempting) I started playing the game of 500 slaps where the first person to get to 500 points wins. As the game was loading I sat thinking that I really couldn’t be bothered to sit trying to slap opponents 500 times but for the sake of the challenge I would. Turns out I was wrong and you only have to get to 500 points with each weapon offering higher points scored. The only problem with that though was that after you have collected a weapon it respawns in the same place and after you’ve figured out which weapon offers the highest score all you have to do is just keep going back and collecting the same weapon.

Due to this the game that I played wasn’t really that challenging as once I figured out what the best weapon was I just kept using it and started to rack up the points, disappointing to say the least. Plus by the looks of it there are only actually three battle games to play, not good.

Within the 15 minutes: Got pipped to first place during the 500 slaps game and was in first on the second try when the time ran out.

Will I play it again? At this present moment in time it’s not likely, actually bordering on selling.

Champions of Europe

Master System

My god this game is bad, I don’t think that words can really describe how bad it was. I’ve played some terrible games in my time and this was certainly one of them.

I honestly cannot recommend anything about this game. The menu was awful with just symbols that didn’t explain anything about what they were. The pitch was way too green and after a while started to hurt my eyes. Apparently there are supposed to be eleven players on the pitch but in all honesty I doubt that.

The worse bit was that the ball pretty much cannot be controlled. I made a break down the pitch and after two touches the ball just rolled away and the player just ran past it whilst the others watched. Also a massive problem is that players went down under a foul despite not even being touched. The opposition were awarded a foul despite me not actually pressing anything. Terrible terrible game.

Within the 15 minutes: Played and won a match and then took an aspirin.

Will I play it again? Never, I’d sell it but I doubt very much that anyone would want it.

Command and Conquer

Sega Saturn

I’ll be completely honest and admit that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this game at all as i’m just not really a fan of strategy games. The only reason that I own the game is because it was in the game bundle when I bought the Saturn. Imagine my surprise then when it turned out that I did actually enjoy playing it in the short time that I did.

Being thrown straight into the action was a good move as it meant I had to figure out the controls and what was going on as quick as possible and what was going on was I was under attack from enemy forces. Within minutes I was away taking out enemy forces with gunners and boats and moving my way up the level and managed to clear the first mission with only losing a couple of men.

Mission two suddenly seemed to get a lot tougher with a lot more enemies swarming in from all directions and I quickly had to change my tactics and lost a lot more men. Luckily I had built up a few points from the first mission to create new squads. All in all the 15 minutes that I played was very enjoyable.

Within the 15 minutes: Trying to conquer mission two.

Will I play it again? Yes actually, which i’m surprised about.


  1. I've often wondered about Cel Damage. It seems building a game around a particular graphical technique isn't the best route to take, but you never know! A good friend of mine loves RTS games and worships the C&C series but the only RTS I've ever played is Warcraft 2. Which I suck at... :|

  2. It's just like anything really. Wind Waker and XIII showed that you could have good games with Cel Shading but Cel Damage is on the lip side unfortunately.

    As mentioned in the post I'm not really a fine of RTS games but this one just really grabbed me from the outset. It just chucks you into the action and you have to get on with it.