Friday, 20 August 2010

Finally after nine months i'm going to start seriously updating this blog.

I've already produced a couple of posts that i'm about to submit which involve playing through some games.

I recently read a comment on the Retro Gamer forum about how a reviewer somewhere states that he can fully review a game based on 15 minutes of gameplay . Now I don't believe that I can do that but decided to take the basic premise and apply it to games that I own but have never gotten round to ever playing.

Basically I am going to go through the alphabet and play up to five games from my collection corresponding to each letter. It will be up to five games as unfortunately for some letters I don't even have five games. So as and when it will be five and in some cases it may be as little as just the one game per letter.

Each of the games that I will pick have never been played by myself ever. Some will have been placed into the console and tested for a couple of minutes top to make sure that they work, some may not even have been placed into the console but all of them have definately never been played for more than a couple of minutes tops.

All games will be played on Normal difficulty where applicable.

So without further ado I present to you the letter A.

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