Monday, 17 January 2011

Q is for....



Qix really is one of those games that is so simple and basic yet so addictive and will have you captivated in no time at all.

The aim of the game is to take control of a square and that’s it. Sounds simple enough but obviously with this being a video game there are some obstacles in the way namely sparks and a big red thing (the Qix of the title) which floats around the screen and has the ability to move backwards and forwards. To backtrack a little bit, you control a diamond shaped thing which starts at the bottom of the screen and can be moved around the sides or around the square drawing a line to section of bits and to claim them to reach the required 75% to complete the level. At the beginning of each level there are two spark type things on the lines of the square which chase you to kill you and after a while two more appear to up the difficulty.

As I said it’s such a simple game (like many were back in the day) but the extra obstacles that get added on each level really amp up the difficulty. If you see the game out and about I would definitely recommend picking it up.

Within the 15 minutes: Third level.

Will I play it again? Yep, such a fun game.

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  1. I like this but I once got so angry with my Lynx version that I snapped the game in half (>_<)