Tuesday, 18 January 2011

R is for....

R-Type DX


R-Type DX is an updated version of R-Type and if you have previously played any version of the series then you will know what you letting yourself in for.

For the tiny percentage that may have never played an R-Type game it is a series of side scrolling shoot-em-up games where you fly along shooting enemies (defeating a boss at the end of the level) whilst powering up your weapons adding extra bullets, lasers dependant on which letter you collect. That really is about it in all honesty but the R-Type series are really good games and you cannot go wrong with having a blast on them (no pun intended).

Also on the DX version you actually get not one, not two, not even three or four but five R-Type games in the form of the Gameboy versions of R-Type I and II, updated versions of the two Gameboy games and the DX version. You really cannot go wrong with that and if you are any kind of fan of the series or of shoot-em-ups then this is one to add to the collection.

Within the 15 minutes: Level one boss.

Will I play it again? Aye at some point.

Risky Woods


Risky Woods is a good old fashioned platform game and is also one of the hardest games I’ve ever come across.

You start the game as a Priest who must proceed through the levels destroying the undead and demons and saving the souls of monks who have been turned to stone. Failure to find and save all of these monks by the end of level means that you get put right back at the beginning to do it all over again. As you move through the levels you come across chests that contain various items like an egg-timer that gives you extra time, an apple that gives you a protective shield but also knocks you unconscious and takes time away from you and a pair of arrows that send you back a bit through the level, though this time not all the way.

Throughout the level you will come across gargoyle like creatures that require a shape placing into it and the chant button to be pressed where arrows will appear that you have to follow and input on the D-pad to progress. Didn’t find the item to place before you got there, back through the level you go. Another thing is that the game didn’t have any continues, that’s right no continues. You get four lives with an energy bar, shunted back through the level every time you miss something and no continues, seeing now why it’s hard. Overall though I actually enjoyed it and shall return to it one day in the future.

Within the 15 minutes: Level 2

Will I play it again? At some point in the future.


  1. Mystic Defender is a slightly easier take on risky woods.

  2. I used to love Mystic Defender and its prequel. :) R-Type is awesome too (but Gradius would've been better) :P