Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A great moment from the Metroid series

Normally I would go for game play when selecting great moments but this time round I've gone for a cut scene and a recent one at that.

The moment is the Other M version of the ending of Super Metroid as it took a great battle and pulled it stunningly into this generation of consoles.

Even though the pictures don't really do it justice you can get the gist of the differences.

Seeing the ending of one of my all time favourite games re-done sixteen years later, three generations of consoles later was absolutley briliant which is why it was chosen as a great moment.


  1. The only Metroid game I've played properly is Super but that does look pretty awesome!

  2. It is pretty awesome. First time I saw it I was just blown away and wanted to see it again and again.

  3. Super is my fav Metroid game and I had no idea such an iconic scene had been recreated in Other M. I bought Other M but have yet to play it.

  4. Play it, play it.

    You'll enjoy it.