Thursday, 18 August 2011

What I've finished - July 2011

Peter Jackson's King Kong - GameCube
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga - DS

Just the two games completed this month, one of them never played before and the other played numerous times previously.

King Kong I picked up cheap on a whim from a charity shop and turns out that it's actually quite an enjoyable game. It's an FPS game and whilst on the surface you go around blasting dinosaurs you have to be very careful with your ammo as you can find it running out quite quickly, especially with the stronger weapons. As you go through the levels there are a lot of sticks/spears and bones that can be picked up and used as weapons and you spend a lot of the game deciding when would be best to use the spears and when would be best to use ammo.

As for Lego Star Wars, this is a game that I've now completed three or four times and each time I go for 100%. I just find it really enjoyable and it's a game that can be played in short bursts so you can dedicate as much or as little time you want to completing it.


  1. I remember reading reviews about King Kong in Electronic Gaming Monthly. If I recall it scored pretty high marks. I may check that game out.

    I've been wanting to try out the Lego games for a while now, in particular the Lego Star Wars games. Since they are on just about every platform, it's just a matter of deciding what to get them for, but I'm leaning towards the PS2.

  2. King Kong is definitely worth a play, especially if you can pick it up on the cheap.

    I only picked it up as it was £1 (about $1.60) and it was for Charity. Figured if it was a terrible game I would just pass it on for that price but turns out it was actually quite a good game and rather enjoyable.

    AS for the Lego games, I own Star Wars on the DS and Batman on the 360 and have also played Indiana Jones on the DS.

    I found Star Wars and Indiana Jones to be very samey and I ended up a bit bored near the end of Indy. I don't know whether it's because Batman is on the 360 or just on a console but it seems to be a different game with a lot more depth and a lot more to collect.

    The great thing about them is that you can just play through them or you can go all out and try and get all 100% of the collectables.