Saturday, 3 September 2011

What I've finished - August 2011

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System - GameCube
New Super Mario Bros. - NDS
Batman: Arkham Asylum - 360
Metroid Prime - GameCube

Four games finished this month, two I haven't finished previously and two that I have.

Metal Arms was a real surprise and a gem of a game. I didn't really know anything about it before playing and on the surface it looked like it would be an easy little game to get through, but after playing through the normal mode it turns out that it's quite a hard game but also a very enjoyable game. It's very varied in it's levels with a great array of weapons and definitely worth a play.

Mario Bros. is a game that I have completed previously and whilst in my opinion nowhere near on a par with earlier Mario games it certainly is a lot more entertaining and enjoyable than the game that was released for the Wii. This one is a fun game to play in short bursts.

The first time that I completed Arkham Asylum it easily became one of my all time favourite games and after going and seeing the Batman Live show I just really had the urge to play this again and completed it for the third time since purchase. This time round though I only did a quick run through on easy and didn't collect all of the Riddler trophies/riddles.

Finally, the last game that I completed was Metroid Prime, a game that I had started twice previously and seemed to stop playing around the same place both times. Inspired by the 25th Birthday of Metroid I finally sat down to properly play it and found it to be an absolutely brilliant game that I'm really glad I did sit down and dedicate time to finish.

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