Saturday, 8 October 2011

NES-Bit Magazine

It's here.

After weeks and weeks of hard work from Lorfarius, Greyfox and the many volunteers (myself included) from the first! issue of the NES-Bit magazine has launched and is available to buy as a PDF for £2 (just over $3 at time of writing) and will be available for a limited print run next month.

The layout of the magazine is bright and vibrant and easy to read with a nice mixture of text and pictures. It also covers a wide variety of articles such as a brief history of Nintendo, box art comparisons, a look at all of the Simpsons games released for the NES, the current Homebrew scene and an entire page dedicated to the Mario. Bros movie from the early 90's.....

If you are a fan of the NES or have never played one and are intrigued about the history of it then you cannot go wrong with picking up a copy of the magazine and for the price of just £2 you cannot really complain. So please support (all proceeds from the sales go directly into the upkeep of the site) and purchase a copy, you won't regret it.


  1. Got my copy, and highly recommend it! It's a great read! Nice work, chaps! :-)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it.