Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Completed Games March 2012

Soul Bubbles - DS
Super Mario Galaxy - Wii
Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Three games completed in March and three games that I really enjoyed for different reasons.

Soul Bubbles was a simple but fun game with the ice levels being particularly fun. I did have some doubts when it came to Mario Galaxy due to the hype surrounding it but I have to say that I found it to be absolutely fantastic and I didn't stop playing until I had completed all 120 stars.

Finally, I'd been wanting to play Hotel Dusk for a while and whilst I found it a little slow going at first I did eventually start to really get into it and was a little disappointed when I had finished it.

All in all three really good games completed last month.


  1. I haven't played soul bubbles but the other two are great games and shouldn't be avoided. I love mario galaxy and I think I prefer its hub world over galaxy 2's new super mario bros style level selection. I liked the art style of Hotel Dusk, the DS had many special titles. I hope some unique games like it are released for 3DS.

  2. Are you going to get all 120 stars as Luigi too? That gave me a nice excuse to keep playing the game :)

  3. @Adrian - You can pick Soul Bubbles up for around the £5 mark, I would recommend it. Alternatively you could just play my copy.

    Have you played Last Window? I'm currently playing it and it's just as good as Dusk.

    @DS90 - I did start playing using Luigi and got five stars before stopping as I could have easily gone through it all again.