Monday, 2 April 2012

The situation at Game, pt 5

It's been a week already since my last post regarding the situation at Game and since then there has been some good news with the fact that today they came out of administration due to OpCapita finally securing the sale of the UK stores to Baker Acquisitions Limited.

It's great news for the staff at the remaining stores in the UK, unfortunately not for the staff at the other stores around the world which are still up for sale. Also not good news for the staff who were made redundant and who are having to fight to receive their money, including in Ireland where staff are having sit-ins in the stores.

It was also announced today that the former MD of Gamestation Martyn Gibbs (who was MD back in 2007 when Game and Gamestation merged) will be returning to the company as the new CEO.

Finally, after all this news, it was announced that Game has requested to be completely removed from the London Stock Exchange, meaning that shareholders will possibly not gain anything at all from the sale.

So after weeks of rumours and bad news it finally looks like that things may possibly be looking up, at least for the remaining staff. Let's just hope that Game have learnt some lessons along the way.


  1. This was great news indeed. The GAME in my town centre closed down but the Gamestation is still open as far as I know so hopefully it still is when I go in tomorrow.

    Perhaps with an EX-Gamestation CEO onboard, things will look up. After all he must have been in charge of the GS brand at a time when the company as a whole were still making the right decisions.

    Guess we can only wait and see.

  2. It should be interesting.

    Lots of things up in the air like will they keep the Game or Gamestation name, both or neither. Will they lower prices? Stop the constant pushing of things from the staff?

    Only time will tell but for the overall picture it's good as it still offers competition.