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Top ten games I completed in 2012 (Pt 1)

In January 2012 I created a list of the top ten games that I played and completed as, like explained then, I thought it would be interesting to do something slightly different to the normal top ten games of the year lists that are produced. I Also don't tend to buy that many new games so most likely wouldn't even be able to select ten games from 2012.

Like lasts years list (which can be found here and here) I've only gone for games that I played and completed for the first time.

10. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 - (360)

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 easily rates as one of my all-time favourite games so excited was an understatement when the third one was announced after around a decade.

Was it worth the wait? Well... It's a good game but just not as good as number two. The roster for fans of Marvel and/or Capcom is fantastic, featuring the likes of Rocket Raccoon and Phoenix Wright next to series hitters like Ryu and Spider-Man. Just a shame that they lost one of my personal favourites from the second game Cable.

Overall if you don't compare UMVC3 to MVC2 then what you have is a really good game. It has a great roster, nice graphics, staple cheap final boss, is as manic as ever and is fun with friends (especially those who have no idea what is going on). UMVC3 is definitely worth a play at least.

9. Another Code: Two Memories - (DS)

 I've been wanting to play Another Code for a couple of years now but could never find a copy out in the wild. Well finally I did and I'm pleased to say that it was worth the wait.

First thing I will say is that it is a short game, I completed it in around four hours, and a little of the backtracking for items can be annoying as you know that you will need them but the game won't allow for you to collect them until you do. Apart from that though what you have here is a fun and interesting game with some interesting puzzles to solve.

The graphics are lovely with a hand drawn look and the story is interesting. Alongside the story you also have characters that you become to care about in the short time that you are with them and like another game in the list it's a little sad when you come to the end of the adventure.

8. Super Princess Peach (DS)

I initially bought SPP due to spotting it in a shop for a very low price compared to what it costs online figuring that if it wasn't any good I could sell or trade it. Fortunately I massively enjoyed playing it so definitely won't be getting rid of the game. It's very easy, so easy that I don't actually recall dying at all, but it's also very fun. The graphics are lovely to look at and whilst the game play is hardly innovative it's still a very enjoyable platform game with lots to do and unlock.

Saying that though, regarding innovation there is an interesting element to the game in the emotion gauge. The gauge works by tapping on an emotion (joy, gloom, rage and calm) and each one will do something different. for example, joy will cover Peach with a cyclone which allows to help her fly whilst calm will form a protective bubble to refill health.

All I will say is don't judge a book by it's cover as whilst the box looks all kiddie and cute (and again the game is ridiculously easy), behind it all is a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile game.

7. Last Window: The Secret of Cape West - (DS)

LW is the sequel to another game that I thoroughly enjoyed Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and features the same protagonist, the wonderfully grumpy Kyle Hyde (who sadly never made it to a third game).

The plot follows Hyde as he sets out to investigate a missing jewel in the apartment block that he lives in. The jewel has been missing for 25 years and the block is about to be demolished. Hyde must find the jewel and what happened to his father before the end date. It's an interesting plot and features twists and turns aplenty. This however results in rather a lot of text and reading (which is fine by me) as you question and strike up conversations with your peers and neighbours whilst working out the Secret of Cape West.

I can see why game like these can be an acquired taste but I thoroughly enjoyed them, LW more so due to the faster pace over HD. It was nice to see a sequel that brought back Kyle Hyde and a couple of other people from HD and like Another Code you end the game finding yourself caring for the characters and hoping that they would return again.

6. Astro Boy: Omega Factor - (GBA)

Before playing Omega Factor I was aware of the existence of Astro Boy but knew nothing else about the character and world that they inhabited beyond that. The only reason I was really aware of the game was due to a Retro Gamer article but when an opportunity arose shortly afterwards to purchase the game I took it based on what was said in the article.

I'm glad that I did purchase it though as it's a very enjoyable if confusing game. The game is split into two parts Birth and Rebirth and Rebirth is where the game really excels. The basic plot is that robots are too dangerous and should be destroyed which happens at the end of Birth. Rebirth sees the hero going back in time to stop the attack and keep the robots alive. It's here where you start traveling backwards and forwards through time and the game really picks up as you are trying to figure out which level you should complete to be able to travel through time.

Along the way you meet characters who provide points to be able to upgrade Astro Boy in various areas such as life, laser, shot and jets amongst others. It's a nice little touch which helps along the way. As I said at the beginning, I was aware of the character of Astro Boy and wasn't even aware of the game, well I'm glad that I am now.

Tune in tomorrow for numbers 5-1.

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