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Top ten games I completed in 2012 (Pt 2)

Welcome to part two of of my top ten games that I completed in 2012 and what a second part it is. I honestly found these next five games to be fantastic and fun in their own ways and absolutely struggled to put them in to any kind of order.

It's possible that by the time you've finished reading the list it could be completely different in my head but for the time being here's what my top five games that I completed in 2012 looks like.

Kirby: Mass Attack - (DS)

Another year and another Kirby game on the list which is funny as before Epic Yarn I had never played a Kirby game before. Though not number one this time round Mass Attack is still a fun and enjoyable game.

The basic premise of the plot is that Kirby has been split into ten individual Kirbies by an enemy and he must defeat the enemy utilising the strength and power of the other nine. It makes for an interesting concept as can affect the difficulty slightly (for example trying to kill an enemy with two Kirbys is harder than trying to kill it with ten Kirbys) and it also allows for replayability as areas cannot be accessed until you have enough Kirbys to move stones or pull things down from the ceiling.

Having enough Kirbys can also affect which level to play as each one can only be accessed via a certain amount which can mean having to go back and replay a level or playing the game in a non-linear fashion. As well as this there is added replay in the way of collecting medals which will open up mini-games and checklists. Add in fun levels and bosses and what you have here is a fantastic game that is definitely worth playing.

Lollipop Chainsaw - (360)

What to say about Lollipop Chainsaw... Well, It's from Suda 51 so if you have ever played any of his games before then you will know what you will be in for which is pure enjoyable mayhem. It's hard to really describe Lollipop Chainsaw due to how barmy it all is but I shall give it a good try.

You play as cheerleader Juliet who it turns out is a zombie hunter (which is also pretty much the entire basic plot) and who along with the head of her boyfriend must stop the zombie invasion. Expanding on the plot, there are three dimensions and a portal has been opened allowing for demons to enter our world in the guide of zombie lords. It does get a little more in depth than that which is surprising for what is essentially a standard hack and slash/action game and it does add that little bit extra to the game. The game play is fun and just when you think that it could get tiresome something comes along and makes it interesting like a level where you run over zombies in a combine harvester whilst You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive plays.

Moments like that as well as things like be able to add Nick's (the boyfriend) head to decapitated bodies to perform actions move it a level above a standard hack and slash game and into an enjoyable one. Like Kirby there is added replay in collecting medals for bonuses. The game has been criticised for it's level of sexuality (including an achievement for looking up Juliet's skirt) but if you can see past that then Lollipop Chainsaw is worth your time.

Donkey Kong Country Returns - (Wii)

I love the original Donkey Kong Country (and it's sequels) for the SNES so was rather excited when this Returns was announced for the Wii and thankfully I was not disappointed.

I'm going to start with the graphics as the Wii gets a kicking from people when it comes to this but DKCR really does look good. Retro Studios have really utilised the power of the Wii to make fantastic looking levels. This also links into the game play with levels featuring silhouettes for characters and environments as well as levels where you move between the fore and backgrounds. The game play blends itself with the original trilogy and with new ideas such as mine cart and barrel levels (and collecting the KONG letters) alongside the above mentioned silhouettes and using moves like the ground pound designed around the Wii remote. The boss fights are also really good with each one being different to the last. One major point is the difficulty which some people could have a problem with as some levels are not easy at all, though for me I like that.

If like me you grew up with the SNES trilogy or even played it later and enjoyed it then you will love DKCR as it contains just enough nostalgia to warrant playing but also contains a lot of new stuff to make it feel like a completely new game.

Super Mario Galaxy - (Wii)

Five years after release what could possibly be said about Super Mario Galaxy that has not been said before, especially for such an absolutely fantastic game. I suppose a lot really and a game like this certainly deserves the plaudits that it receives.

First of all the game looks stunning and really shows off what the Wii is capable off, this is also the same with the music which has wonderful tones that get inside your head. Most importantly for me though is the fact that it's a wonderfully fun and enjoyable game to play. Each galaxy gives you something different with different themes and objectives (though your overall objective is always to retrieve a star) that keep the game fresh for the duration that you play it.

This is a Mario game so it mixes the old with the new (like the ever present fire flower next to the new spring mushroom) and the storyline though slightly expanded on with Bowser wanting to create a new galaxy is still basically Bowser kidnapping Peach. Alongside that though is the introduction of Rosalina and the Lumas who help Mario thorough out the game. There is also a story book featuring the Lumas which is a nice touch to the game. Overall though adding all of this into the pot makes Super Mario Galaxy a fine game and one that is definitely worthy of the plaudits.

The Last Story - (Wii)

In a year where I completed the above mentioned games such as Donkey Kong and Mario Galaxy how does The Last Story make it to number one? It gets to number one by being a game where I didn't want to see the back of the characters.

Let me get some points out of the way first, graphically this game is pretty bad especially when coming so late into the life cycle of the Wii and story wise it's pretty much nothing new. though does offer some interesting elements when all mixed together. Saying that though the plot 'twist' could be seen coming halfway through the game which did lessen the impact that it should have had.

What really makes The Last Story my number one game for the year is the characters (even with slightly dodgy English accents) in that developers make you genuinely care for them and want them to succeed in their quest. Each character has their own unique personality and this makes you invested into the story and game. The game play is fairly simple on the surface but offers a lot once you take the time to master it with spells and weaponry that are set to each character. To be honest, there is so much that can be mastered I could probably write another paragraph. I'll sum it up with this though, despite not being the best game graphics wise and being fairly predictable in parts The Last Story is a game that made me want to play and play and play and that is why it is my number one game that I completed in 2012.

So there you have it, the top ten games that I completed in 2012. A bit Nintendo heavy again though I did up the amount of 360 games that I completed overall I just didn't find all of them as enjoyable as this top ten, maybe that will change for the 2013 list.

Like last year I hope that you have enjoyed reading the list and hope that you spot something that you may have been unsure of playing or may just enjoy.

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