Monday, 16 March 2015

Zelda II: Day 1

I've decided to play the black sheep of the Zelda series Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. I own the NES and GBA version and it's the GBA version that I will be playing through.

Despite my love for the series I've never played the game and I think that it might because of the negativity surrounding it but after all these years I fancy giving it a go. I've also decided to document my daily progress as I play through it mainly because I just fancy it.

For day one I died, a lot. I was just mainly exploring and getting a feel for the game, the controls so wasn't really concentrating on levelling up or trying to complete the first castle, which I did find. I'm sensing that the game is not going to go easy on the player which is fine by me as I like to torture myself with difficult games, especially the older classic ones.

Tomorrow I think I'll start to do some levelling up.

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