Monday, 2 January 2012

Top ten games I completed in 2011. (Pt 1)

For this post I thought I would do something slightly different to the 'top ten games of 2011' and compile a list of 'top ten games that I completed this year'.

There are a couple of reasons for this which are because I've not played or even bought ten games that were released in 2011, in fact I've only bought four and only completed one of them (Ghost Trick, De Blob 2, Dead Space 2 and Skyward Sword if you were wondering), and also pretty much every gaming website will obviously be doing a list of the 2o11 games and I like to think outside of the box sometimes. :-)

Please note that all games selected are all games that I completed for the first time this year. Games completed already previously were not considered.

So without further delay I present numbers ten to six.

10. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (DS)

I first picked this up because it looked interesting and in all honesty I didn't really know much about it. What I find was an enjoyable game with nice cartoony graphics and game play that whilst didn't really vary between levels kept on the right side of becoming repetitive and offered some interesting puzzles to figure out.
It's a very text heavy game as mentioned previously and there are the odd times where you wish that the story would get on with it but overall it has an interesting storyline that keeps you gripped until the very end.

9. Metroid: Other M (Wii)

The first game that I completed in 2011 and despite finding it to be on the easy side it's still an good game to play. Yes, the storyline makes Samus to be a bit of a whiney teenager and some people may find the swapping between views a little on the frustrating side but put all of that aside and what you have is a good mix of first and third person play, added background to one of gamings iconic characters and just a generally good game to play through.

8. Gun (GameCube)

Let's get one thing out of the way, Gun is a very short game, as in it can take about four hours to complete the main storyline. Thankfully there are enough interesting sidequests to make the game that little bit longer.
Apart from that Gun is a really good game. As above there are a few sidequests like hunting both people and animals, playing Poker and gold mining. The main game play is also really good and feels very Western with the travelling around and the characters that you meet and there is a very nice selection of weaponry which all adds up to a game worth playing.

7. Brutal Legend (360)

I understand that this is a bit of a Marmite game, you either love it or hate it. Well I think that you can guess which side of the fence I sit on.
The two main reasons for people not liking it is the music and the game play, two reasons why I think the game is great. It's a third person game with elements of RTS which put people off with a heavy metal soundtrack, which again puts people off. Well, being a metal fan for the past twenty years this is right up my street and leading an attack to Def Leppard's 'Rock of Ages' is definitely right up my street. Getting past the soundtrack and the RTS elements Brutal Legend is actually a funny and great game to play.

6. Metroid Prime (GameCube)

If you read my reviews of the Prime Trilogy you would notice that I actually have Prime 2: Echoes a higher score than the first one, so why am I putting the first game in the list and not the second? It's due to the fact that Prime is where it all started.
I'll not go on for too long as seen as I've already done a full review but Metroid Prime is an absolutely brilliant game that brings Samus into 3D with no problems at all and has great game play and graphics and should be in everybodys collection, even if you don't own a GameCube or Wii.

Tune in tomorrow for Pt2 covering numbers 5-1.

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