Thursday, 3 May 2012

10th Anniversary of the GameCube

Happy 10th Anniversary to the little box hitting Europe.


  1. Cheers for making me feel old :(

    In all seriousness though, I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. Seems like only yesterday when the 'cube was my sole console and I was trying to defend it from PS2/Xbox owners. I remember one 'friend' saying that Resi 4 would be crap because it was on Gamecube!

    Hard to believe that the Wii is also not far off being in the graveyard...

  2. Haha - and it came out before that in the US. I still remember when we got ours - it was a couple of years after release, but was a household favorite all the same.

  3. Happy Birthday! I love the gamecube, its so original and unique, the neat shape with the handle, the console colour, them tiny discs, four controller ports and the controller is amazing, click triggers, decent analogues, its still my favourite today. I wonder if we'll see cube downloads on Wii U?