Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Recent purchases pt 2

I will say straight off that I was extremely pleased to have picked up most of these games. Pandora's Tower is the gorgeous limited edition (seen here) while Red Steel 2 is the Motion+ limited edition, which was still sealed when I received it.

I've been after Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for a while now and had never seen it in a shop round here until about five minutes after coming out of the Cinema from watching Avengers Assemble (which was great). The Kirby game was the same, never saw it in any shops so picked it up as soon as I did see it. The two Ace Attorney games means that I've now completed the set so I will have to start playing through them sooner rather than later and I'm pleased to have finally picked up Another Code.

I was happy to have picked up DoDonpachi Resurrection as I missed out on it in the Game sale and it's a game I fancy playing after previously playing DeathSmiles and the three 360 games next to that were all freebies which was really nice.

So like the yesterday a very pleasing set of pick-ups.


  1. Did you have to pay a lot for Super Princess Peach? I've always been interested but it seems to be really expensive everywhere.

    I too picked up that Kirby game while it was discounted as Kirby games seem to become very obscure and pricy very quickly these days. Haven't gotten around to playing it yet though.

  2. Amazingly SPP was only a straight fiver from HMV of all places. Thought that it may have been mispriced but that's what it went through at so was obviously very pleased.

    I'm currently playing Kirby and it's quite good, different to Epic Yarn but still a fun game. I'm after the other Wii game but have never seen it for less than £30.