Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Completed Games April 2012

Disaster: Day of Crisis - Wii
Astro Boy: Omega Factor - GBA
Last Window: The Secret of Cape West - DS
WarioWare, Inc: Mega Microgames!

Four games completed in April, four that I would recommend for different reasons.

Day of Crisis was an interesting game, both brilliant and terrible at the same time. Play it and you will know exactly what I mean. I only know of the character of Astro Boy but I have to say that Omega Factor is an absolutely brilliant game, simple game play but an absorbing story and it's great trying to figure out the clues for the level orders.

Last Window is the sequel to Hotel Dusk (a game that I completed in March) and it's a worthy sequel. I would even go as far as saying that I thought that it was an improvement on the first game as it was faster paced and never let-up, also great for following up on plot threads from the first game.

Finally, I fancied something quick and easy after Last Window so I decided to plump for WarioWare on the GBA. First WarioWare game that I've properly played and good fun it was. Definitely recommend it for a good laugh.

All in all, four completely different games and four that are worth playing.


  1. Nicely done. I feel like I've been on the same games forever. I don't know if it's just because I've been so busy w/ work and family stuff that I haven't played as much the last few weeks, or if it's because I've picked up a handful of lengthy games that just take a long time to beat.

    Nice list though - and as you pointed out, very diverse list as well.

  2. I'm lucky with the handheld stuff in that I spend at least an hour on the bus to work and back a day so get some good playing in.

    Console wise I'm currently playing The Last Story and am currently at 23 hours with it though I don't think that I'm too far from the end now which is a shame.

    After that I'm probably going to move onto Pandora's Tower which I'm expecting to be another longish game, so I know what it's like. :-)

  3. Yeah, my handheld doesn't really get played much unless the tv is already occupied by someone else. I treat it as my time filler, and only really put like 15 minutes or so a day on it (whether it's my PSP or 3DS, though the latter sees a lot more use of late).

    Last Story and Pandora's Tower - two games I want to play but won't even buy right now due to having too much of a gaming backlog. :P