Monday, 2 July 2012

June purchases

Instead of posting everytime I pick something up, unless it's something like a limited edition or the couple of things that I have arriving in the next few months, I thought that I would just do a round up at the end of every month. Yes, I know I'm already a couple of days behind. :-)

So for June I managed to pick up a few things both old and new.

To cut a long story short for Rabbids and Mario. I traded in a load of DVD's in CEX and after checking the prices online I was offered more than expected. It also turned out that the games scanned through at cheaper than what they were priced at so overall I saved a lot of money on them. Guitar Hero and El Shaddai were picked up on the cheap from HMV which I was pleased about.

Go Go Cosmo Cops was a game that I hadn't heard of before but was ridiculously cheap for a complete game so thought I would pick it up on a whim, Pac-Mania was from the same place.

Deadly Premonition and Kirby were picked up from Game using some of that lovely credit and finally Far Cry, Shadowman and Command and Conquer were charity shop buys.

Not overally spectacular compared to some previous months but still some pleasing purchases.


  1. Dude, that is NICE haul! I still need to track down a copy of Kirby's Canvas Curse.

  2. Was there a mouse released for the N64? I wonder how C & C compares to the PS1 & Saturn versions? Those are some good charity shop finds.
    I remember having lots of fun playing that Far Cry back in the day, multiplayer was a good laugh.

  3. @Reggie - In my opinion it's not that great a game unfortunately. I feel that it doesn't utilise the controls properly and sadly also a little boring.

    @Adrian - As far as I'm aware there was never a mouse released for the N64, just for the SNES. I've only ever played fifteen mins of C&C on the Saturn so won't be able to compare unfortunately.