Saturday, 21 July 2012


...For the first time in however long I actually played on some arcade machines.

I went out for the day with a friend and spotted a couple of places that had some machines. Managed to play on Time Crisis 4, Terminator: Salvation and a racing game that I cannot remember the name off. I also spotted a Mario Kart machine which sadly I didn't have time to play on.Never before seen a Mario Kart arcade so was a very nice surprise and if I'm down that way again I'm definitely going to have a go.

I also decided to try and win a Mario plush from one of the crane machines, forgetting how slim the chances are of actually winning anything. Still, overall it was nice actually finding and playing on some machines for once.


  1. Where did you go? I'd love to try that Mario Kart arcade. Oh and those plushes will be mine!

  2. Kind of funny as my son had a chance to play Terminator: Salvation over the weekend when we visited a pizza place out of town. Ah... arcades. Just about gone the way of the dinosaur now.

  3. @Adrian - It was at Seaburn when I was at the air show. There is actually two (possibly three) really good arcades. I say three as I noticed another one at the other end but it was blocked off.

    @Chalgyr - Salvation was a really good game when playing it but unfortunately the playing didn't last very long with the difficulty that it was set at. Still pleased that I gave it a go though.

    I've added a picture of the Mario Kart arcade but it's a bit blurry as it was on my phone and done quickly in case photos weren't allowed to be taken.

  4. What was Terminator: Salvation like? We're off to the seaside in a couple of weeks, so I will definitely be on the lookout for arcade machines.

  5. Terminator Salvation is a great game and one of few modern arcade releases that is worth playing (in this country at least). It's hard and costs a quid for each credit but you get massive assault rifles to play with and tons of Terminator robots to mow down. It's also quite cool that to reload, you need to smack the ammo clip on the gun as if you're actually reloading a real one.

    The same company who made it also did an ace Alien blaster with similarly big guns called Aliens Extermination. Definitely check that one out if you see it.