Monday, 13 August 2012

July Purchases

It's been a while but it's finally time for a new post. It's round-up time for the purchases from July and pretty much everything was bought on the cheap, the priciest being a good ole English tenner for Gears of War 3.

The SNES/Wii Pad was previously shown here and I'm still pleased to have finally gotten one. Turok: Rage Wars, Eledees, Rogue Trooper and Gears were all from the Retro Gamer forum while House of the Dead and Exhaust Heat were both from Cash Converters. Exhaust Heat was only £2 and bar the blooming annoying Cash Converters price sticker is in pretty good shape.

Wii Music, Stranglehold and My Word Coach were all bought on a whim in a sale while Rayman Origins and Professor Layton were also both in a sale for £5 each, new and sealed. That's right, a crisp English fiver each in a sale. Last but not least Tomb Raider was bought by a friend as a Birthday present.


  1. Not a shabby bunch of purchases. Gears 3 was fun, and Layton and Tomb Raider are good plays too. :)

  2. Any excuse to plug the SNES pad eh? :D

    Good pick up with HotD too. I found that it stayed above a tenner pre-owned for ages in most game shops and when I finally got it for £7.99 (or thereabouts) it felt like a great score. Brilliant duo of games on the disc too. HotD II has such terrible dialogue that its amazing.

  3. @Chalgyr: I've been playing Gears 3 co-op with a mate and we put in some serious time over a recent weekend. Don't think we actually have that much left to complete.

    @DS90: HOTD was only £3 which I was really pleased about. I've played both of them on the original arcades and also own the second one on the Dreamcast.