Thursday, 30 August 2012

Goodbye Nintendo Gamer

Despite only buying the magazine since the relaunch back in January it saddened me today to read about the demise of Nintendo Gamer.

It's saddening for three reasons. 1) It's the end of the magazine, a magazine that I was enjoying buying and reading on a monthly basis. 2) It's another magazine that has met it's demise to the digital age and 3) It's the end of a twenty year era that started back in 1992 with the release of the still popular and excellent Super Play magazine.

After the demise of Super Play after 47 issues the magazine became known as N64 magazine, funnily enough for the release of the N64. It then morphed into NGC for the release of the Cube before becoming N-Gamer for the Wii and finally being relaunched as Nintendo Gamer which is it latest and last incarnation.

The full announcement can be read here.


  1. This is sad news, i have bought a few of these magazines and was pleasently supprised to see a mix of current gen and retro Nintendo stuff on its pages.
    I think it should have at least kept going until after the Wii U launch, its readership might have picked up.

  2. Aye, it seems a shame to cancel it just before the proposed released date of the WiiU, especially with the 3DS also starting to pick up a bit of steam and also especially after the relaunch.

  3. Massive shame. I hadn't bought a dedicated Nintendo magazine and enjoyed it so much since the days of original Nintendo Official Magazine, Cube and NGC. Now all we are left with is the current official mag which I have zero interest in these days.

    R.I.P indeed.