Monday, 6 January 2014

Round up of 2013 completed games.

The full list of games that I completed in 2013 is as follows:

Batman: Arkham City - 360
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - 360
Mirror's Edge - 360
Stranglehold - 360
The Conduit 2 - Wii
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - GameCube
Darksiders - 360
The Hardy Boys Treasure on the Tracks - DS
Warioware: Touched - DS
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - DS
Tomb Raider - 360
TMNT -Arcade
Big Bang Mini - DS
Prey - 360
From Russia With Love - GameCube
Sunset Riders - Arcade
Dragon Quest: Chapters of the Chosen - DS

A drop from the last couple of years with just 17 games completed though all of them have never been completed before. A lot more 360 games completed this year though and even a couple of classic arcade machines which was very pleasing.

Overall it was disappointing to complete so few games and I didn't think that the line-up was as strong as last year but there were still some gems in there.

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