Friday, 9 January 2015

Game map: The history of video games set to the art of cartography

As mentioned in the December 2014 purchases post for Christmas my partner very thoughtfully got me a game map entitled Game Map: The history of video games set to the art of cartography.

In my opinion it is a fantastic looking map and the pictures do not do it justice (especially the blurry one, apologies for that).

The map is broken down into the following sections: Battle Zone, Sim City, Super Mario Land, Pac-Land, Vice City, Killzone, Borderlands and Castlevanis. Within these zones are game names or an area from the game, for example in one section there is The Legend of Zelda and Hyrule Field. There is also The Curious Village and Arkham Asylum alongside Watch Dogs and Chrono Cross.

One of my favourite sections is the street names which are named after games such as Super Street Fighter II, Streets of Rage and Final Fight: Streetwise.

The map does cover a lot of games and I mean a lot spanning from the 1970's until present day (the roads of the edges of the map lead of to recent games such as The Last of Us and Destiny) and covers pretty much every genre that you can think off.

There are way too many games to list (the first picture shows the list underneath the map) but the map does feature such games as Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill, Pool Paradise, Metroid, Manic Miner, the Arkham games, Final Fantasy, Ace Attorney, Colums, Sonic, Tony Hawks amongst many many others.

Unfortunately due to this being a Christmas present I have no idea which website it is from or how much it cost (and I'm not going to find out) but if you fancy one yourself I'm sure it cannot be that hard to find the information.

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