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Top ten games I completed in 2014 (Pt 2)

Welcome to part two of the top ten games that I completed in 2014.

At number five is...

5. Sonic the Hedgehog (DS)

The first and original Sonic game makes it to number five on the list and what a game it is. I was a Nintendo/Mario fan growing up so missed out on the Sonic games originally and despite owning a Mega Drive and the Sonic games for a few years now I've only just gotten round to playing them on this collection.

Due to this I feel that I can appreciate the games more as when I was growing up they seemed to be the complete opposite to Mario with just running through the stage as quick as you can, how wrong I was. Whilst the first couple of levels seem and pretty much can be like that the rest of the game is far from it with some levels really requiring for you to slow down to make jumps and to figure out where to go.

The stages are fantastically varied and the bosses, despite all having the same way of being killed, are varied enough to not feel samey. The graphics still hold up and the music and sound is superb. Overall I'm glad that I waited this long to play the game.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (DS)

So despite all my praise for the first game how come number two ranks higher in the list? It's because it takes everything that made the first game great and somehow manages to add to it.

Adding Tails to the canon was a good move as I like the character due to working well with Sonic. Another good move was upping the speed from the first game and adding the spin dash. Apart from that the game is pretty similar to the first one in the way of how stages are devised and Eggman/Robotnik again being the enemy but again the bosses are varied enough to not feel repetitive. The levels are all nice and varied (though Casino Night zone to be a bit of a pain) and like the third one the difficuly ramps up a little near the end but not so much that it frustrates you.

As evidenced by it's placing I really enjoyed Sonic 2 and found it to be the best of the three games. If like me you still haven't gotten round to playing the original trilogy you really should as they are fantastic games.

3. Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (DS)

Despite owning REmake for the Cube I've never managed to get round to playing Resident Evil (I never owned a Playstation) so this was a great way to get round to it.

As eidenced with this being at number three I did really enjoy playing it. Yes the scares/shocks/jumps are completely lost on a handheld but that doesn't stop it from being a great game to play. I played through it using Jill and found that I died a few times on some areas later on in the game so no idea what the difficulty will be like when using Chris. I also didn't get the good ending which was a shame but it did make me want to play through it again which is always a good sign.

Yes the controls can be a bit annoying and the text is laughably brilliant but the first Resident Evil is still a cracking game with some good puzzles, fantastic enemies and characters and is a games that is still worth playing.

2. Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars Directors Cut (DS)

 Broken Sword is only the second point and click game that I've ever played and the first that I've finished (Zack and Wiki on the Wii being the other one) and I'm pleased to say that I massively enjoyed playing it.

The puzzles can be challenging but not difficult and the storyline is interesting with some dark elements in it, though for some reason the game doesn't make you feel especially connected to one of the two main characters or care about their relationship. Without giving too much away the plot involves an ancient manuscript and the Knights Templar.

The art for the graphics is really nice and like the Sonic games still hold up (the original version was released back in 1996) and the sound/music is really good. There is enough here for non point and click fans like myself to really enjoy and to get into. Broken Sword really is worthy of your time.

1. Luminous Arc 2 (DS)

The number one game (which would have made it onto the list either way and possibly would have made it to number one) is Luminous Arc 2, a strategy RPG which I absolutely loved.

The storyline is pretty much a standard RPG storyline with this one involving witches, knights and demons and has a couple of twists throughout but it's the characters involved in the story that really stand out and make you care. Each character has their own personality and strengths and as the game progresses and you have to decide who to use in your squad you start to not want to have to choose as you want to use them all. As mentioned each character has different abilities so the knights have different weapons whilst the witches have different spells due to the elements, this plays a part in choosing your squad though sometimes just who like the best can play a part.

The graphics are great for the DS and the sound is top notch (the game includes a music CD which is a nice added bonus) and there is lots to do with the main chapters and the side quests. The way you interact with characters also has a bearing on the storyline and the ending though this is from pre-selected dialogue. Overall whilst the game may not particularly offer anything new it is still a great game to play.

There we have it, another year and another list done. Compared to previous years it's a bit of a weak list though I imagine that the top three or four games may have still made the list if I had played more games. Hopefully next years will look a lot different with more games completed across more formats but we shall see.

Hope you enjoyed.

That was too close. You were almost a Jill sandwich!

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