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Nintendisco Interview

Back in 2011 I wrote some stuff for a magazine called NES-Bit (which you can download from this post here) which sadly did not make it past two issues. Issue three was in the pipeline for release in 2012 but never materialised. When issue three was being worked on I interviewed the guys from Nintendisco/Gamerdisco about Nintendisco and it never got published, it has been gathering dust ever since so I thought that I would drag it out and put it on here for people to read.

Can you tell us a little bit about Nintendisco?

Nintendisco is a new club night created and run by Dave Fade and Nicky Biscuit, with DJ R.O.B the Extraordinary Video Robot and a variety of special guests. Primarily a retro gaming night, Nintendisco allows you to play the best old skool games (originals) on a big screen with your mates in a social environment. As well as competing with the rest, you can take on the best to be in with a chance on winning top quality Nintendisco prizes, with the best (tenuously-linked gaming) music soundtrack thumping in the background.

The obvious question, why Nintendo?

Growing up in the late 80's early 90's we were lucky to experience the initial explosion in gaming and the gaming industry. The height of the Sinclair vs Commodore and Sega vs Nintendo phenomenons. Some of the best games and consoles ever were made during this time, establishing companies as the real contenders and forging them into the gaming behemoths that they now are. Nintendo at around this time, particularly for us with the NES and Super Nintendo, really cemented gaming quality and innovation with some superb gaming and character design that is now synonymous with good times in our childhood.

What are/were your favourite NES games?

RC Pro Am is a classic! One of my favourites that really made an impact on future racing games.

Super Mario Bros is probably the best and most influential platformer of all time

Super Mario Bros 3 also has to be on the list for managing to improve on what was already an amazing series

Castlevania 3 Dracula's Curse

The list is pretty extensive, but these definitely are high up on there.

What is your fondest memory of the NES?

As mentioned before it was pretty much synonymous with great licenses, arcade gameplay and more often than not good quality, good times.

What other systems did you play during the 8-bit era?

LOADS! The Sega Master System had some great games too; Castle of Illusion, Ultima IV etc etc I of course also had a Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64 also a Gameboy and Game Gear. At one time I nearly invested in a GX4000, but luckily saw sense ;-)

What inspired you to create Nintendisco?

We were a little bit fed up with the whole idea of modern social gaming. Sitting in your room alone with a head set on never really seemed particularly social to us. We used to come home from school with a few mates and play socially in the truest sense of the word; actually being there to see the whites of the eyes, giving eachother a dig, a bit of banter and having a proper laugh. We really missed sharing that experience and thought that by bringing this idea to a pub or bar as an adult with music and alcohol would work perfectly. So now it's more like a pool tournament or karaoke, where people can play in a winner stays on scenario whether they are professional gamers or not, everyone is encouraged to play for fun and get involved in the whole experience.

What has been your highlight of Nintendisco so far?

Obviously being asked to host the party for the official launch of the 3DS console by Nintendo was pretty special. Going to some of the biggest UK summer festivals and touring Universities has also been amazing. I think ultimately for us though, it's just great to bring elements of things we love; music, games, booze and friends together. Meeting like minded people and just seeing the sheer joy of people playing these great games again, whether its for the first time or the first time in a long time.

How do you decide on which games to play at events?

We have a pretty good idea on what is going to work and what isn't, but we always try and listen to our punters as well. We regularly take suggestions and try out different games, but people pretty much always come back to our original ideas as they really do work best in the bar/club VS scenario.

What does the future hold for Nintendisco?

We're always being asked to book more events around the country, so we're continuing to focus on that, but we'd also like to do a lot more game launches. We recently did the launch for the new Bit.Trip game on 3DS and Wii for Rising Star Games and it went incredibly well, particularly because the game had the perfect retro feel for our night. We're also looking to do some modern games with our other branded nights Gamerdisco.


Dave & Nicky

So there you go. As I said at the top the interview was back from 2012 but you can check out Gamerdisco at

I've been to one of their gigs and it is worth going along to if you get the chance.

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