Friday, 3 April 2015

March Purchases

One game and seven magazines bought in March.

Until about two years ago I'd never played a Final Fantasy game (I know!) but have been slowly picking up some of the earlier games in some way, shape or form. When the opportunity arose to pick up the GBA version of I & II from a friend I didn't turn it down.

The magazines were from fellow blogger Red Parsley who has having a huge sale of old gaming related magazines. Straight away I knew I had to have the Total magazines as I used to buy them growing up but sadly lost them over the years and I definitely remember owning these two issues.

I thought that the five Nintendo ones were all Nintendo Magazine System but only one of them was (my fault for not double checking). The other four are the Nintendo Official Magazine which are from the N64 era which I was actually pleased with as that as around the time that I stopped buying gaming magazines so it will be interesting to have a read through them.

A pleasing month for purchases in my opinion.

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