Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Zelda 2: Day 14

It started of a good day as I completed the sixth castle which resulted in me gaining the cross. This then allowed for me to acquire the thunder spell (which uses up half of the magic blocks.

After this things went downhill fast, so fast that I could feel the rage starting to rise. I went from really enjoying the game to wanting to never see it again in my life. To get to the next castle you need to go through three scenes where enemies are chucking stuff at you whilst other enemies are floating round trying to hit you, add in monster attacks (where you have to jump over lava whilst trying to avoid floating enemies) between the scenes and you have for a very infuriating section. Remember, all of this is just to get to the castle.

Once at the castle the enemies come thick and fast and even fully levelled up take some hits to kill them. The room where I nearly lost it was where I was working my way through some blocks that you need to strike to continue, whilst doing this there were swarms of floating horse heads firing at you. It was absolutely ridiculous and there was absolutely no let up, in the end I just stood there to die. I then took a deep breath and read the paper instead.

After having another go I did eventually get to the boss but died, at least I know that it is possible.

I was hoping to complete the game tomorrow but I really now do not see this happening.

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