Monday, 13 April 2015

Zelda II: Day 16

Alas after a break I have finished the game.

Worked through the last castle (which was easy enough with patience), killed the boss in the castle and then fought Dark Link to finish the game.

Dark Link was ridiculously easy but it didn't detract from the enjoyment that I got from the game overall. I don't know why the game gets as much negativity as it does as whilst the last section does have a bit of a difficulty spike it's not actually that bad if you take your time and be patient. Yes you will die but on reflection it wasn't as difficult as it seemed to be.

Touching on reflection, if I were to play it again I would take more time to explore (I missed the final heart container and left some points and lives) and would not do so much grinding to level up. When I reached the max I still had a couple of castles left to play through which would have levelled me up quicker.

I'll do a proper review of the game as soon as I can but thanks for reading as I played.

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