Saturday, 17 December 2011

Development pictures of Mario 3.

A Nintendo fan called Chris Covell has found and scanned a Japanese picture book that contains an early look at the development of Super Mario Bros. 3 which includes pictures of a very young looking Shigeru Miyamoto and Composer Koji Kondo.

The book also includes a look at Nintendo's headquarters and their distribution method.

Chris has taken the time to translate the book into English and has uploaded each and every page on his website which can be seen here:

Take a look at a piece of Nintendo history.


  1. "A piece of Nintendo history" indeed. Thank you so much for sharing. Mind if I repost this on my blog? I'll credit you, of course. This is too awesome not to share again.

  2. Of course mate.

    No need to credit me though, I read it elsewhere myself.