Saturday, 31 December 2011

Recent purchases

Well I say recent but these games have been bought/traded over the past three months. Due to moving house I've only just had a chance to open most of them and check them all out.

Even though they are not that great I've been wanting a Super Scope for years and now finally I have a complete one. I'm also really pleased to finally pick up Skies of Arcadia as it's one of the last few 'big' games that I need to pick up to complete my Cube collection. Also really pleased to have picked up the Zelda game. Finally from this batch I'm extremely pleased to have finally picked up Chip n' Dale for the NES as I've always loved playing that game ever since I first played it.

In this batch I'm pleased to have picked up Donkey Kong Country Returns as the SNES games are some of my favourite games. Also pleased to have picked up Muramas: The Demon Blade as it's getting a little hard to find over here and also happy to have picked up Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Finaly I'm extremely happy to have picked up Ghost n' Goblins for the NES as it's rather difficult to find, shame it's cart only.

For this last batch of games a mention must go to the pleasing fact that I've finally managed to pick up the first Phoenix Wright game as it's tough to find it at a good price, only need two of the games now to complete the set. Must also mention how pleased I am to have finally picked up Mario Kart, Metroid Pinball and Kirby's Dream Land, three games that I have been after for a while now.

Well, that's the last of 2011's purchases/trades, hopefully 2012 will offer up just as many great games if not more.


  1. An epic haul of pick-ups there. I still need Skies myself though ebay prices always put me off. Those GBA games look in really nice condition as well.

    I got Wii Fire Emblem the other week too. It's quite uncommon but I've noticed several copies out and about all of a sudden and heard a lot of people saying that they've picked the game up. Strange.

    Loved the 'cube original so I'm looking forward to playing the sequel. If you have a GC memory card with Path of Radiance data on it then you get some sort of bonuses in the Wii game but they messed the difficulty levels up during localisation so 'Easy' on Wii is actually 'Normal' meaning that 'Easy' data from the GC game doesn't register since the difficulty levels need to match.

  2. Despite owning it I haven't played the Cube version yet so will remember that for when I do.

    As for the Wii version. Well somehow I've managed to end up with two copies so that will be getting sold/traded on the RG forum most likely.

    Skies and the GBA games were from Giga when he sold of a chunk of his collection which is why they are in such good nick and why I managed to get them in the first place.

  3. I've so wanted a Super Scope 6 but I've only seen incomplete ones. I still haven't played Battle Clash or Metal Combat because I've liked the ability to do so.

  4. I've wanted one for god knows how many years, possibly for about fifteen year but just never found one in the right conditon for the right price.