Monday, 1 October 2012


Regular readers may remember back in April when I bought Pandora's Tower that Nintendo offered a reward of three coins for registering the trilogy of games of Xenoblade Chronicles/The Last Story/Pandora's Tower. Well, I registered the games and today the coins finally arrived.

What you may not notice there is that the box is a velvet type of box and feels rather nice on the fingers.

 The front of the coins.

The back of the coins.

Apologies for the state of the pictures, I'll update with some better ones at the weekend when there is some natural light.

Overall though I'm really pleased with them, they feel weighty and not cheap and they look really nice and should look good next to the box with the games and art book in.


  1. I picked mine up today. Aside from the bad packaging and stuff rattling around inside the box when I got them, I'm pleased with the set. Velvet though? I hate the feel...

  2. I kind of like the feel, not that I will be touching it that much. ;-)