Wednesday, 3 October 2012

September Purchases

 Just the four purchases this month, three of them being games.

Manhunt 2 was picked up pre-owned on the cheap and is a game that I wouldn't mind playing. Beat the Beat was in a Game sale and was purchased using remaining Game points so cost nothing in the way of money. Mario Sports Mix is yet another sealed game and another that was only a good ole English fiver and the Marvel vs Capcom 3 steel tin was bought from KW from the Retro Gamer forum to go along side my other collectibles.

Not an outstanding month but still three games that I want to play.


  1. The art on that steelbook is really nice isn't it? I got my PS3 version as a freebie when I bought the game brand-new from Gamestation. It was one of those weird things where they gave you the game then a steelbook case separately. No idea why they do that but I'm glad I got hold of one.

  2. It is really nice, especially the way that the art covers both the inside and the outside.

    I didn't pick up MvC3 as I waited for the Ultimate edition so it's nice to pick up the tin at last.