Monday, 29 October 2012

Play Expo goodies

As mentioned in my previous post about Play Expo 2012 I picked up some goodies including posters and games, pictured below is what I picked up.

Lenticular poster for the new Metal Gear game.

Poster for the upcoming Darkstalkers Resurrection release.

Play Expo goodie bag for volunteering.

Extra extra, read all about the Play Expo in the free newspaper.

Cost me an English fiver but was worth it after all these years.

Given to me as a gift from the excellent TwoHeadedBoy
So there you have it, just some quick photos of all the lovely things that I picked up at the Expo.


  1. Ha ha, all the goodie bags had gone by the time I'd finished working! And even though I gave out over hundreds of those newspapers, I didn't get to read one either.

    Your eye monster there looks like he's settling in alright.

  2. Some cool stuff there, especially that newspaper. I got my Darkstalkers poster through the post from DPrinny on the RG forum and I'm considering framing it perhaps.

  3. Good that you received your poster, though we thought that you may laminate it. ;-)

    THB: I made sure that I got a goodie bag a couple of hours before I left, didn't want to miss out.

    The eye monster will be sitting on my games unit once I can get to it. :-)