Friday, 12 October 2012

Game Over Yeah will be at Play Expo

As the title says I will be at the Play Expo in Manchester this weekend.

For those not in the know take a look at the website here. Packed to the rafters with retro gaming, coin-ops, pinballs, modern systems (including the WiiU), tournaments and cos-play there should be something for everything.

I know of at least one other blogger who will be attending so if you are come and say hello, I'm dste from the Retro Gamer forum.

Pictures and a detailed account will follow early next week.


  1. Awesome, look forward to hearing about it, I enjoyed last years and this weekend's event looks massive! I chose to see the final fantasy distant worlds concert instead of play expo this year.

  2. You WERE there, and you were beautiful!

  3. So were you my friend, so were you.

    Adrian: Hope you enjoy the concert, are you heading to London or to Edinburgh?