Sunday, 2 September 2012

August Purchases

Not that much bought in the month of July but a couple of games I've been after for a while so still a pleasing month.

X-Men Legends II is the first game that I've been after for a while as It's another step to finishing of my Cube collection and also because I enjoyed playing the first game. Mario & Luigi is the second game that I've been after for a while now and though you may not be able to see it in the picture, it is still sealed. It won't stay that way though as I intend to play it.

Polarium and Rhythm Paradise were two games that I picked up on a whim for very cheap prices, both complete and both games that I didn't really know much about before I bought them. Finally, the Smash Bros soundtrack was a freebie alongside X-Men Legends II as I bought the game from a member of the Retro Gamer forum and they very kindly put in the CD for free.


  1. Always wanted to try the X-Men Legends games out but the average review scores back in the day put me off. If I see them about for the PS2 then I think I'll pick 'em up.

    I've got Rhythm Paradise myself and haven't put a lot of time into it. The defining memory I have is of some evil minigames that really annoyed the hell out of me! I think I need to re-visit it properly...

  2. The thing with X-Men Legends is that the game play is repetitive but it makes up for it with being able to select different teams of X-Men and being able to get points to level them up and open up new moves and attacks.

    I really enjoyed it but can see why other people wouldn't.