Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Crap Corner One

Welcome to a new feature of the blog, a feature that I like to call Crap Corner. I imagine that you can guess what these posts will entail so without further delay I present to you the first game entered into Crap Corner...

Fighting Force 2

Even the cover looks crap.
Somehow I still remember the conversation like it was yesterday, standing in a shop looking for a game to buy, how it all went wrong went something like this.

Me: I've just bought a Dreamcast and now I need to buy some games for it. This Fighting Force 2 looks like it might be quite good.

Friend: Don't buy it, it's crap.

Me: Are you sure? The screen shots on the box look pretty cool (which at that age to be fair they did).

Friend: Seriously, it's crap.

Me: Hmmmmm

Friend: Don't do it, it's a terrible game.

Me: It does look pretty cool, I think I'll give it a shot.

Skip to a couple of days later.

Me to friend: Man, that Fighting Force 2 is crap.

I still to this day don't know what possessed me to ignore what my friend was saying and buy Fighting Force 2 as it honestly is one of the worst games that I've ever had the misfortune of playing and owning. There is not one redeeming feature about it.

The shots on the back of the box make it look pretty cool with explosions, going on about 'fierce hand-to-hand combat', 'over 20 lethal weapons' and 'over 50 unique enemy types that use the terrain to their tactical advantage'. What you instead get is very dull game play, clunky movement, awful controls, repetitive and generic level (notice that I say level and not levels as I've never bothered myself to get past the first one. As for the 20 lethal weapons, well god knows when that is as you only start with a crappy knife.

I could go on even more about how bad it is but I think you may be getting the gist now. I'll sum it up by saying that when writing this I had a look for some review scores and GameSpot gave the game 3.5 out of 10 whilst IGN gave it a slightly better 3.6 out of 10. All I can say is that even that is very generous.


  1. Good feature. I used to love playing Fighting Force with friends, a proper 3D Streets of Rage. Glad I avoided this though, its horrible! How could they!
    You reminded me of a shitty game I once got and soon traded for pennies, Blast Chamber

  2. I used to have both of these for the PS1 and promptly sold the pair after a very dull session with the first game. I didn't actually fire up the sequel but I've watched a few videos out of morbid curiosity and I can't say I want either Fighting Force game back in my collection.

    Looking forward to see which games find themselves in the Crap Corner next!

  3. An early Dreamcast game, if I remember - all the others were so bright and colourful and flashy, and then THIS came along - something that would look bad on a PlayStation!

    Yep, certainly amongst the worst games ever.