Sunday, 16 September 2012

Five games I've started over and over again...

...but am still yet to complete.

I imagine that everybody has at least one game that they go back to every now and then in the hope that it will be the time at last where they finally complete the game.

In the past year I managed to knock two of them on the head and finally completed them (Metroid Prime and Zelda: Wind Waker) and thoroughly enjoyed playing them. These next five though have been sitting on that pile for years now and one day their time will finally come.

 Cybernator - SNES

Cybernator isn't one of the greatest games in the world but it has that certain something that makes me want to play it and finally finish it. Sadly it also has that certain something that makes me want to just switch it off after dying. When playing I speed through the first five maybe six levels and then somewhere down the line I die and instead of just carrying on I just get up and turn it off. I do genuinely want to finish it but need to find that last bit o f motivation to do so.

 Banjo-Kazooie - N64

Pretty much everybody knows Banjo-Kazooie and off those that do and have played it they have most likely also finished it, not me though. I start the game with much enthusiasm and play through the first few levels finding and collecting everything, enjoying what I'm doing and then at some point I switch if off to have my tea, go to bed etc and then the next day it doesn't get switched back on, or the day after that or after that until eventually I start the cycle again. No idea why as I do like playing the game.

Legend of the Mystical Ninja - SNES

I think that Mystical Ninja is a fabulous game and over the years I started it numerous times both solo and with a second player but years later I've yet to complete it and I think the main reason is the mini-games, specifically Gradius. Despite being able to only play the first level of Gradius I always end up getting to the machine with it on, playing it for a bit and then switching the game off even though I genuinely do want to carry on and finally complete the game and see all of the weirdness behind it.

Fur Fighters - Dreamcast 

The problem with Fur Fighters is that the levels are huge and I mean huge and you pretty much have to scour every inch of the levels to find the babies required to complete the level. Despite it being a great game it's pretty much the only reason that I'm still yet to complete Fur Fighters as I have to admit that I like to take a break from playing the game to try something else, unfortunately that break tends to get longer and longer until I have to start the game yet again.

Evolution - Dreamcast

Evolution is one of my all time favourite games, absolute love it and over the years I've put in god knows how many hours playing it, until the last boss that is. Every single time I play it reach the last boss and die, no matter how much I'm leveled up I die and it drives me mad. I turn it off promising myself to go back to it a day or two later to finally defeat him and for some reason or other never do and so the cycle continues over and over again which is why Evolution makes it to the top spot.

So there is my top five games I've started over and over and am still yet to complete. There are actually more games, looking at you Body Harvest and Zombies, but these are the ones that have been started the most over the years.

Do you have any games you start over and if so what are they?


  1. I agree with you on banjo, I always got stuck or lost so I'd start a new file. There aren't many final fantasies I've completed, I get near the end, get distracted and never return to the file.
    Kingdom hearts I started a number of times, got really far or got really bored with the slow start and gave up.
    Dead Rising - time always ran out!

  2. I never have finished either Cybernator or Banjo-Kazooie. I enjoy Cybernator but after the 4th level or so, they game just gets too difficult for me and I've never been able to complete it. I think I got near the end of BK but can't really remember why I never finished.

  3. Interesting, three out of three people have started but never finished Banjo-Kazooie. I honestly thought that I was alone in not completing it.

  4. Correction - Cybernator IS one of the greatest games in the world! Still haven't finished it, mind. And I've only played a tiny bit of Mystical Ninja. Never played the other three, despite owning two of them!

  5. Hehe...never finished Banjo Kazooie either! Even downloaded the 360 version so I could, and still haven't!

    Did manage to do Cybernator on my original SNES though, but not Mystical Ninja....or Fur Fighters! I'll need to get that again on PS2...

    My top 5 of "games I should have completed but just haven't and keep re-=starting" would be God Of War 2, Chronicles of Riddick, RE on Gamecube, Metroid Prime and Legacy Of Kain -Soul Reaver!

  6. I was the same with Metroid Prime, even kept getting to the same point before forgetting what I was doing and starting again. When I did finally sit down and make myself play it I loved it, even went straight on to play the next two in the trilogy.

    So has anyone ever completed Banjo-Kazooie? :-)