Saturday, 8 September 2012

Nintendo Gamer - The final issue

The final issue of Nintendo Gamer (Issue 80) hit the shops yesterday and what a memory filled issue it is.

It starts of as a normal issue with news, an article about the WiiU and the usual stuff like art and cosplay. Alongside that is the regular stuff such as the previews, reviews (of which there are two), the top 25 list (this time round it's the top 25 sidekicks) and the retro stuff (including an article on Second Sight for the Cube).

After that is all of the stuff that makes you feel all nostalgic and brings back the memories such as the interview with Wil Overton (who drew the cover bringing it all full circle), the snippets of memories from previous writers and editors on the old magazines such as from Super Play until now and the twenty page feature showing the cover of every single issue of Super Play, N64 Magazine, NGC, NGamer and the re-launched Nintendo Gamer. The feature certainly brings back memories for this writer.

It's always a shame when something long running ends but the real annoying thing about Nintendo Gamer ending, apart from it being a good magazine, is that in November Super Play celebrates it's 20th anniversary of issue one being released so it would have been that little bit special if the last issue had been twenty years to the month of the first issue being released. Also, the WiiU, according to all of the rumours, should be being released in November so sales may have picked up again. Unfortunately we will now never know but here's to twenty years of the magazine being released in various incarnations.


  1. I saw this mag on the shelf at my Barns & Nobles months ago. When you announced it would be ending on a blog post, that got me to pick it up and flip through it. It looks like a wonderful magazine and I'm sorry that I was not aware of it so much sooner. We haven't gotten this issue yet in America but I'll be getting it when it hits the stands.

  2. Despite the lack of information they had for the WiiU and the lack of releases for the 3DS it was still a good read and I would recommend picking up the last issue, even if it's just for the Wil Overton cover.