Friday, 18 September 2015

Konami ceases making AAA games

Well, except for Pro Evolution Soccer.

After my post a couple of weeks ago about the state of Konami it is sad but very unsurprising to read that apart from PES Konami have decided to stop making triple-A titles. Now that the latest (and possibly last) Metal Gear Solid game has been released Konami have decided to leave the console market behind and concentrate on the mobile gaming market.

Sadly I can see why. According to reports MGS cost around $80million to make which is a lot of money to invest in one game. That also doesn't factor in advertising costs which for a game like that would most likely have a healthy budget behind it for the advertising. At the end of the day mobile gaming is not going to cost anywhere as near as that and will be a lot less riskier then laying out a large amount of money on one game even if it is an established series.

Best case scenario, Konami do return to releasing games for the console market or sell off their IP's to other companies generating money for themselves and allowing for the other companies to release new games from classic franchises.

Worst case scenario, that is the end of Konami in the console market and the last we will see of the IP's unless released on mobiles.

Either way at the moment it's a sad end to a once great organisation and developer.

RIP Konami.


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