Monday, 14 September 2015

Super Mario Bros. memories

The first time that I would have played Super Mario Bros. would have been around 1989 when my mother bought me my NES (the TMNT pack which I loved).

It was one of the first games that she bought for me and one that I instantly loved. From the first little Goomba walking towards me, the first time I collected a mushroom that made Mario grow and then another that gave him the fire power-up and then finally finding a star, the way the music changed to that very familiar tune and the way it allowed me to run through enemies without taking a hit.

The game was so basic yet at the same time there was depth to it with finding areas like the secret warp zones and mastering the levels to try and get through as quickly as possible and without dying. You could play for minutes or you could play for hours.

I remember playing the game over and over as I died and when I tried different warp zones and when I just wanted to sit and complete it again and I still do all these things even now.

Super Mario Bros. for me is one of those games that stays with you all your lives. A game where you will instantly recognise the music and the sound effects, a game that you can go back to time and time again, a game that you will never stop enjoying.

Sadly when the SNES was released I sold my original NES but then in 1993 Nintendo released Super Mario All-Stars and I got to relive that first time all over again.



  1. Wish I could relate to this but I didn't play a Mario game on a Nintendo machine until Paper Mario on the Gamecube. I've been 'backwards' of course and played the classics but I can't feel the impact that they must have had :(

    1. Yeah, a lot of things in entertainment can not have the impact depending on when you view/play/listen to them. I think especially in gaming where there is so much released and it evolves by the generation.

      I was still a kid when I played it and it was my first console, people playing it now can enjoy it but unless it's your first game I think that they won't get that same feeling.