Thursday, 3 September 2015

Mega Movie Man

With having continued that fine trend of fantastic movies based on video games which earn a lot of money with Hitman: Agent 47 20th Century Fox have now, according to reports, turned to the little blue guy Mega Man to be their next gaming/movie hit.

*OK, only part of that last paragraph was true which was the Mega Man bit, Hitman is pretty much flopping like every other movie based on a game.

Currently with no writer or director attached the film is being overseen by Chernin Entertainment Company who also looks after the current Planet of the Apes saga, which itself has not been doing too badly so could be good news there.

Early days yet then but personally I think that if this is live action then I cannot see it working at all I'm afraid as I imagine that unless it's heavy on the CGI it's going to look terrible. If it is CGI heavy Fox may as well just go down the CGI/animation route which woul probably work better.

Like I say though, early days.


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