Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Lucky moments

So there I was today playing the final match of Inazuma Eleven when I had a damn lucky moment to level the game to 1-1.

I was 1-0 down and decided that I was going to change my play to one touch direct balls up the pitch which worked fantastically until the last touch went past my striker who had broken free and was running on goal. Damn I thought until the ball rolled past the keeper and sat on the goal line. My brain took a second to comprehend what was happening and I quickly slid the stylus. Luckily I reacted quick enough for the my striker to walk the ball into the net.

Once I had calmed down I managed to repeat the same tactic but this time getting the ball to the strikers feet and unleashing one of the strongest moves in the game to make it 2-1. After that it was a case of keeping the ball and defending the lead to win the match and finish the game.

If it wasn't for that very lucky moment with the ball rolling past the keeper I very likely could have lost the match and had to replay it.

Have you ever had any lucky/jammy moments when playing? If so comment below or on the Facebook page.


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  1. Had plenty of lucky moments in strategy games where certain defeat is averted thanks to the CPU opponent(s) making really bad decisions or simply not killing specific characters when they are wide open. I guess this is poor enemy AI design but even so!

    Also played a few football games where flukey goals have won matches or free kicks from the half-way line have sailed in past a motionless keeper when I hadn't even been attempting to score.