Monday, 5 March 2012

Completed Games February 2012

Metroid Prime Hunters - DS

Just the one game completed in February and I have to say that unfortunately I was rather disappointed with it. I wasn't expecting a game of epic proportions like the Cube/Wii trilogy but I also wasn't expecting a slow and repetitive game.

Sadly Hunters isn't a game that I will be rushing to play again anytime soon.


  1. I only ever played the demo version that came with my DS at launch. For the time, seeing a Prime game in action on the DS was amazing. I suppose it's harder to make an immersive experience like the GC/Wii games on the DS.

  2. The cutscenes are brilliant but sadly the actual gameplay is very repetitive.

    There are seven boss fights in the game but only actually three bosses. The first two bosses are just used on each level but with slight alterations to them and then you get the final boss who is different.